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Our values


● we create a stable and predictable business
● we use 25 years of experience and we are still looking for new, better solutions
● we build long-term relationships
● we are persistent in achieving our goals


● we follow ethical principles
● we provide reliable information inside and outside the company
● we promise only what we are able to fulfill


● we actively participate in the development of the industry in the region
● we are constantly developing the range of our assortment
● we are open to changing customer needs
● we support clients in the development of their business
● we improve our own competences

Family company

● we understand the penetration of the professional and family sphere in most of our clients, because we also do
● business succession is a continuous process in our company
● we are flexible in action and thinking about the company
● in our daily work we are characterized by great commitment and responsibility

Our mission

All for you! We have been, We are, We will be


“All” – says about our commitment to the client

“For you” – defines customer satisfaction as the goal of our action

“We have been” – refers to our long history

“We are” – we focus on what is happening here and now

“We will be” – it is a declaration that our relationship we are building for years

Our team

The foundation of our company are the people

Jarosław i Ewa Zamorscy


Szymon Zamorski

Sales department manager

Piotr Pawlak

Logistic department manager



Our partners

Contractors with whom we have been cooperating for years

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